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The Garcia Boys and the Aguilar Boys

Culture, Artistry, & Youth. BAGUIO City, October 12-15 (PIA) – A large crowd of local indigenous peoples from your Central and The southern part of Cordilleras gathered within the downtown area to signify the sixth staging of the social event known because the Gong Celebration. Bagged and dressed up in their own vibrant ethnic clothing, plus adorned by tribe accessories and hair accessories, at least thirty cultural groups from different businesses and schools, local peoples through the other regions of typically the central and the southern part of Cordilleras in the country, performed their own own folk music, dances, and dances of the day time, which are part of their culture.
The Garcia Boys and the Aguilar Boys
The particular Garcia family in addition to their band, the Garcia Boys, usually are the most significant group at the celebration. Known for their traditional music and dance, this well-liked band was very well received in the festival, where they will performed their tracks along with some other traditional bands from different areas of the particular Central and To the south Cordilleras. It is far from unconventional to hear Garcia Boys on the street. They perform throughout the town, in public areas, and in recreational areas, where they amuse the local population.
The Garcia boys performed their personal version of « The National Anthem » because well as « Lapu-lapu,  » « Zhuacatan, inches « Oye,  » in addition to « Tambayle.  » Other notable performers in the festival incorporated the Garcia brothers, Humberto and Rogelio, and the Garcia Boys’ cousin, the Aguilar Brothers. Some other Garcia Boys’ groups are the Lopezes as well as the Churrigui Males. Additionally, there are many native Garicans, who perform through the entire country on the event as well as additional native tribes that will live in diverse parts of the Central and The southern area of Cordilleras.
As for the Garcia Kids, they were became a member of by the Tejano Nationalist Army Team (TNPA) as properly as the Rumba Band of the particular Army of Nationwide Police, that is a nationwide unit of the TNP. Also performing on the stage were the Garcia Boys’ rival group, typically the Iglesia de Mineral. Both the TNP as well as the Iglesia had been recognized as being equipped factions of the TNP. Members regarding both groups usually are invited to go to the Gong festival as representatives of these individual organizations. The rings that played upon the Garcia Boys’ side included the Garcia Boys, the particular Aguilar Boys, plus the Garcia Boys’ aunty, the Tejano Women.
At the starting in the festival, the Garcia Boys carried out their song, « Rumba de Teguax, inches even though the Aguilar Siblings sang a dancing called « Oye.  » After this, there had been a performance of « Kumu Kupang » by the Garcia Boys’ Garcia Boys. The Tejano Nationalist Military Group then enjoyed its song, « Pisangotlle,  » while typically the Aguilar Boys and the Garcia Boys’ band, along with other groupings, performed their very own versions of their personal songs and dances. Among the list of bands that performed on typically the other side regarding the festival have been the Aguilar Friends, the Mabuhay Band, the Tocantins, plus the Aguilar Boys. In addition, the particular Iglesia de Mineral played « Tepa » by the Aguilar Males, and a folks dance called « Ticolo. « 
Among the traditional music of which was played throughout the festivities were those of the region’s tradition. The Garcia Boys’ version of « Cumbia » was played, along with the folk dance, or perhaps « Ticolo.  » Typically the Garcia Boys furthermore played a standard song, « Hasta una Vida » while the particular Aguilar Brothers did their version associated with « La Malinche » coming from Aguilar to the Garcia Boys. Other songs that were played during the occasion included songs simply by Tejano groups these kinds of as the Aguilar Brothers, and the particular Garcia Boys. Typically the Garcia Boys also played the traditional « Juanito » even though the Aguilar Brothers sang a folk song eligible « Tucuy » while additional Garcia Boys performed salsa and reggaeton music.
The traditional apparel worn on the festivity included sarongs, lecheros, and sandals. Other traditional garments put on by the Garcia Boys included headdresses, ponchos, and lozos. Also at typically the festival were traditional masks that were displayed privately of the bandstands for that audience to observe. A number of the Garcia Kids wore traditional garlands and decorated together with feathers were likewise displayed on the phase. Others wore masks of birds, the butterflies, or other colorful symbols.
Many of the members at the Tantán festival also participated in traditional video games such as the particular Tarichitla plus the Chichuaca game. The Tarichitla is a competition of endurance, as the Chichuaca is the game in which usually the contestants compete with a ball designed object.
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